4 Websites That Offer Work at Home Virtual Jobs: Work From Home With a Computer and Broadband Internet

For people who find themselves suddenly unemployed, the web offers many opportunities to make money.

While there is no free and easy way to earn money quickly, people can make money submitting content to revenue sharing websites, participating in affiliate marketing online, and advertising on the web with a Google Adsense account.

The web also provides another unique way to make money online – virtual jobs.

Virtual jobs entail employment on the web as a virtual agent at a virtual call center, virtual assistant, or virtual concierge. This article takes a look at four websites through which people can land virtual jobs where they can telecommute and work at home.

Alpine Access.com and LiveOps.com Virtual Call Centers

In recent years, the customer service foreign outsourcing trend has created somewhat of a backlash against companies who employ such practices. Customer service agents who have a difficult time understanding the English language have prompted numerous customers to give these companies the thumbs-down when it comes to customer service.

In reaction to the tremendous hit on customer satisfaction, some companies have begun to harness the power of the web and hire independent virtual agents on American soil through a third-party company offering virtual call centers.

Both Alpine Access.com and LiveOps.com offer virtual jobs to at-home workers who have their own home office including a computer with broadband internet. Essentially, these companies pair virtual agents with companies seeking to run virtual call centers with virtual agents located remotely.

Virtual Assistant.org Virtual Office Assistants

Due to layoffs of full-time workers, companies still need to fulfill certain tasks including basic administration. Thus, some companies look to third-party contractors including virtual office assistants.

Virtual office assistants are basically administrative assistants who work at home, and they must own their own office equipment including a computer with broadband internet.

Virtual office assistants are required to perform administrative tasks such as setting appointments, scheduling meetings, responding to emails, maintaining customer relationships, and answering phone calls.

The virtual office assistant is a bona fide full-time job that even features an association dedicated to furthering the virtual office assistant career field: the International Virtual Assistants Association.

VIPdesk.com Virtual Concierges

In the family of virtual jobs called virtual personal assistants is the virtual concierge. This virtual job is very similar to the role of a virtual agent or virtual office assistant with the exception that it is more oriented toward the hospitality industry.

For example, the virtual concierge receives a phone call from a top client who would like to reserve a private room at a fancy restaurant for a company occasion. Or, the virtual concierge is asked to book travel arrangements including hotel and air fare for employees traveling to the company’s annual trade show.

VIPdesk.com specializes in pairing companies or individuals with at-home virtual concierges who attend to their hospitality needs. Think of it as a hotel concierge – virtually.

VIPdesk.com pays virtual concierges $14 or more per hour for full-time work. This online job opportunity even includes eligibility for a full suite of benefits.

Keep in mind that these virtual jobs require the same hiring process as any other full-time job in the working world. If hired, the virtual employee enjoys all the benefits of working at home and not having to fight traffic jams and micromanaging bosses.

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